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Elect Roger D. Tucker to United States Congress, Kansas 2nd C.D.
Vote Reform
Vote to bring America back to the values of “We The People” as declared in The Declaration of Independence.

We The People of the Union

In consideration of our American values and the issues that are before us, we feel there is a great need to promote political REFORM and a political party that will work to unify the American people in patriotism for our laws of liberty that are written in our Constitution and to promote patriotism for standing in defense of our Constitution as being our supreme law in times of war as well as in peace. We pledge that we will not surrender our laws of liberty or our unalienable rights to any enemy. Roger D. Tucker

Many problems face us today. Now and after elected as the Kansas 2nd Congressional District Representative to the United States Congress, I pledge to build support for the following issues and goals:

1st - Ensure the most honest and verifiable system of voting in our country by legislating a requirement to use a paper ballot voting system nationwide. So called digital black box voting systems inherently provide new avenues for fraud. Americans need to maintain as much trust as possible in their voting process with a paper trail that can be better trusted and verified in recount.

2nd - Improve our foreign trade agreements, especially with Mexico. Oppose all, so called, free trade agreements as NAFTA and CAFTA that are the cause of our manufacturing loss and the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants who are as refugees from conditions made worse by our free trade agreements.

We need to legislate an “Absolute Advantage Trade Policy” in which an importing country imports only products (in most practicable finished form) it cannot reasonably produce itself. This would solve the disastrous USA trade deficit and foreign debt. It would also return most or all jobs exported and out-sourced over the past 35-45 years, and help solve other problems such as illegal immigration.

We are able to have free trade of products within the USA between our many states because the people have their unalienable rights equally protected under our U. S. Constitution. Among our rights, we are protected in our right to organize and join, or not to join, labor unions agreeable to the people’s right to control their organized institutions rules through practicing principles of democracy. This puts employers and workers in all states on an equal footing. These are unalienable rights that Americans have fought and died for from the beginning of our nation.

Part of the problem with the NAFTA and CAFTA type free trade policy is that workers in foreign countries are not protected in their unalienable rights the same as in the USA. The free trade agreements encourage business to profit through deals with foreign countries where the people’s rights are suppressed. Free trade agreements enable business to exploit the labor of foreign workers and to exploit the conditions of laws or lack of laws and environmental protections within those countries for the greed of profits. This is completely inconsistent with the unalienable rights of all men that America stands for in the Declaration of Independence. Also, laws for rights that might exist on paper in some foreign countries are not adequately enforced. Our USA factories, having high standards for labor and the environment, cannot fairly compete. Our factories are then down sized and lost due to the unfair trade agreements. These trade agreements can and must be changed to promote the rights and economy of the working people of all nations involved.

3rd - Before we went to war with Iraq, we seemed to have the Iraqi threat well under control by using the policy of “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”. The support we were receiving from around the world after 9-11 was at a high. We have now engaged in a preemptive war against suspected terrorists. This policy promotes a never-ending war, a war that produces fuel for the cause of those who promote terrorism to help them recruit new terrorists who are willing to hate and oppose our American institutions and symbols of influence.

We are in Iraq now with a stated policy to stop the terrorism and install democracy. Many in Iraq support our cause of giving them a democratic form of government. Others obviously do not. With Iraqis killing Iraqis, this sounds like a civil war between the two groups.

It is difficult for America to make a decision to leave and let Iraq possibly fall back into its old ways, or into the hands of another dictator or religious extremism. However, I feel that it is time that we begin cleaning up as much as possible and let the Iraq people stand on their own feet.

Also, rather than engage in preemptive warfare in a never-ending war on terrorism, we need to stop terrorism by putting our faith in God, speaking softly and carrying the “big stick” to only be used in the sacrifice of life in war against a proven enemy to the life and liberty of the American people. We should bring our military troops home and concentrate on maintaining our independence and our American laws of liberty and the diplomacy of the “big stick” to be used as a shield and deterrent from attacks against us.

4th - We should deal with Iran the same as with all nations that threaten us, as we should have maintained with Iraq. The policy we should follow is to use the leverage of the big stick and the sanctions of trade. This is also a situation where we should seek to unify the support of world opinion through the United Nations. As we maintain our defensive posture with the show and strength of the “big stick” and we keep true to our National Motto, no foreign enemy will ever be able to pull down this nation, or destroy our world, or our people’s union under our laws of liberty.

5th - When our troops fail to uphold our American values and abuses are proven, the appropriate punishment should be given. However, unusual actions under prolonged stress should be no surprise. Our military troops are under extreme pressure. We do not have means to maintain fresh replacements since they are all volunteers and we do not have a draft. The best thing we can do for all of them is bring them home as the heroes that they are. If, and when, we must declare a war, the emergency will be well defined and our military troops will have every support needed to speedily win and come home.

6th - The agenda of the federal government in the war on terrorism does not meet with my expectations. They say we are at war against terrorists who plot to infiltrate unseen into our society in order to inflict destruction and fear for the promotion of some kind of political change. At least that must be what a rational organized terrorist would hope to achieve. This being the case, why is the federal government being more concerned with tracking the actions of every citizen and in passing laws that seem to conflict with our rights under the Bill of Rights than it is in controlling illegal immigration coming across our borders. If the federal government was concerned about preserving our laws of liberty under our Constitution, then it should be willing, especially in a time of war, to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws as written until such time as the laws are legally changed.

7th - Our present policy of spending and increasing our debt cannot continue. Some people have said that this war on terrorism (wars have always been expensive) could last a hundred years. Financially, we cannot continue our present course. We need to legislate a balanced budget, even a Constitutional Amendment if it can’t be accomplished otherwise.

An “Absolute Advantage Trade Policy” would solve the disastrous USA trade deficit and foreign debt and do more for the poor of the nations.

8th - We have a problem with Social Security funding for at least three reasons. First, it is full of IOUs instead of collecting interest as it could have been doing. Second, the number of retired persons receiving their pensions is increasing relative to the number of workers who are paying into the fund. Third, our better paying factory jobs are being lost or down sized which also results in decreased contributions.

To rectify the projected funding shortfalls, first, I would support an “Absolute Advantage Trade Policy” to help bring back our good paying factory jobs. Second, I am confident that our energy problems can be fixed in this country without our being dependent on foreign oil prices. As we develop new energy sources and stabilize our supply at more reasonable lower prices, I can see the possibility of a special energy tax to be used to meet the future needs of old age retirement.

9th - I favor abolishing the financial system of our Federal Government operating through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank that receives our income taxes and loans our Federal Government our money for its operations. I favor a bill similar to that of HR 9216, introduced in the Seventy-fourth Congress back in the year 1936.

As for the present income tax code, I favor it in many ways. Our biggest problem with it is in coming to a reasonable opinion on what the law says. For this reason we do need a new and better understood tax law. One solution is a national sales tax law, some versions of which have already received a great deal of study and support. Some of the basic necessities would be tax free. I would support that.

10th - Any program to establish a national health care system carries with it the dangers of control and corruption. I favor our freedom of choice for alternative health care. Herbs, good food and their supplements should not be put down and taken away because of entanglements in trade agreements involving CODEX or for any other reason.

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They Gave For The Rights Of Our Liberty
In Memory Of Their Sacrifices
War Memorials Dot The Land Throughout The United States

In Our Declaration of Independence: “WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. .”

To secure these God given Rights within our American society we established the Constitution.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address, said: “The . . Constitution . . ‘till changed . . ,’ is sacredly obligatory upon all . . But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. . .”

We are Americans standing by our standards of liberty and fighting for a more perfect Union, that these standards will apply equally for all:
**Our Declaration Of Independence
**Our United States Constitution
**Our National Motto of “In God We Trust”
**Our Pledge Of Allegiance

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