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Emergency Alert! NAIS Funding Sped Through House and Now in Senate! Contact Senators Now!

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Every Thursday for the past 6 Months, Government Officials have raided homes and businesses -- sometimes at Gunpoint, sometimes with a Warrant, and sometimes with nothing more then the burly bodies that intimidate those about to be oppressed.

Some cases of oppression by NAIS and government enforcers that deserve much wider attention: Stowers, Greg Niewendorp, Steve Hixon, Emmanuel Miller, Paul Griepentrog, Sharon Palmer. The oppressors plan to oppress us all.

Today -- Thursday of course -- H.R. 1105 is awaiting assignment to Committee in the U.S. Senate. It stands poised to allocate $289 million to APHIS for the implementation of the National Animal Identification System. It also outlines the time frame to implement in 2009 the tracking of 33 species.

The treacherous U.S. House managed to pass this "Omnibus 2009" in 24 hours, and we have no reason to believe that the U.S. Senate will not pass it quickly and eagerly as well.

What are you going to do? We as living human beings do not go to the polls to elect officials to represent Multi-National Corporations or Lobbyists paid by groups attempting to get their piece of the pie.


Contact your Elected Officials and related Organizations -- as many as you can right now, today, and for the next several days.

The first person to contact is and then your U.S. Senators.

Call Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask for Pat Roberts (KS) and then Sam Brownback (KS). Find complete contact info at

The message is simple:

  • We don't want -- and we will not comply with -- the National Animal Identification System.
  • We do not want H.R. 1105 out of Senate Committee.
  • We do not want H.R. 1105 passed by the Senate, either by itself or together with other bills.
  • NAIS is an assault on our food supply and our economy.
  • NAIS is an unconstitutional assault on our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.
  • NAIS subjugates our production, selling, distribution, purchasing, and consumption of food to the whims of beaurocrats and agents of a government that is more interested in serving multi-national corporations and trading organizations than in upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
  • We want it stopped! Stop it on Friday 27, 2009!

Then call (202) 224-3121 and complain to your Representatives that the fast-tracking of the "Omnibus" Bill was unconscionable, un-Constitutional, and a betrayal of all Americans: Jerry Moran (KS-1st), Lynn Jenkins (KS-2nd), Dennis Moore (KS-3rd), or Todd Tiahrt (KS-4th).

Ten Quick Steps to Destroy America

I work with the Amish community, which is being destroyed by NAIS, I blog about the issues and conditions of our country, and I write reference pages about more complex issues in such a way that they are accessible to everyone, interesting, and useful to help explain important points to anyone.

Senate Amnesty Betrayal: Last chance to convince Senate!

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The Senate is making their move on the Illegal Immigration Amnesty/Pardon Bill today (6/28/2007). They already got cloture with 66 votes! Two-thirds of the Senate are open traitors to the American people, and Sen. Brownback, Presidential Doubtful, was one of them.

* It gives illegal aliens fast track citizenship.
* It gives social security benefits on the first visit.
* Illegal aliens can stay here and get these perks.
* Each illegal alien can bring in 11 other family members.
* Aggravated Felons and Gang Members can become legalized by signing a piece of paper (they already routinely falsify documents; what is one more fraud?).
* In-state tuition rates at colleges are given to them.
* Back taxes not paid (for work done illegally) are forgiven for the aliens (not for Americans, not even Mexican Americans).
* It requires US Citizens to have a National ID Card to work!

The word is that George Bush wants to sign this Death to America on July 4th. They plan to push it through the House over the weekend. As a side note, if you haven't heard: George Bush has made himself dictator in any emergency he that he might declare.

Contact your Senators!

Ron Paul - June 15 - Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater

2007-06-15 17:00
2007-06-15 19:30

Ron Paul [Items|Blog|Printable PDF Flyer] is talking in Kansas City, MO, at 5:30 PM on Friday, June 15th, 2007 at Uptown Theater.

Ron Paul is the front-runner in the run for the 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination. He has basically won the first three televised debates (40% after MSNBC debate, roughly tied for first around 28% after the Fox debate, and 62% after the CNN debate).

2007 State Convention - Announcement and Invitation

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Please join us for the 2007 State Convention of the Reform Party of Kansas!

Where: Puffy's Steak and Ice House
215 Main St.
Maple Hill, KS  66507-9400
Maps: Google Maps - Mapquest
When: Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Hour Lunch Break around Noon

Poem - Johanns' Pie in the Sky

Those (so called) champions of less government,
Farm Bureau and NCBA,
Are creating a new monster
in collusion with the USDA.

Call it animal ID or insane delusion
or whatever you please,
Cost of implementation
will bring ranchers to the knees.

ID cost the Australians
$37.28 per head just last year.
Of course, NCBA's glib spokesmen
say we have nothing to fear.

In Farm Bureau promotions
they claim it's just another tool.
I say if you believe that
You're certainly a fool.

The IRS just keeps smiling;
they'll figure taxes when the calves are born.
And ranchers meekly sign up
just like sheep getting shorn.

TREASON 101: Arizona State University Promotes the Destruction of the United States of America

In May of 2005, a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force released "Building a North American Community", a blueprint for merging the United States, Mexico and Canada into one country called "North America". The plan, which is being implemented via the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement signed last year between the leaders of the three countries, will destroy the sovereignty of the USA. The United States will cease to exist as an independent nation. The United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, will be extinct. Implementation of such a plan is, therefore, by definition, an act of TREASON. No other word fits the crime.

Critical to the execution of this high crime is the careful application of propaganda. To that end, the academic community within the United States is being enlisted to sell the idea that destroying America is a good idea. On page 29 of "Building a North American Community" is a recommendation to "Develop a network of centers for North American studies. We recommend that the three governments open a competition and provide grants to universities in each of the three countries to promote courses, education, and research on North America."

Arizona State University is one of the first academic Judas to volunteer to sell out American sovereignty. Traitors at ASU have put up a website, intended to be an instructional tool to assist and encourage professors to teach the concept of "North America" to their unwitting student body. The site, appropriately titled "Building North America", was created in cooperation with the North American Center for Transborder Studies at ASU, which must, therefore, be the actual nest of the traitors residing at ASU.

NAIS - Recent Workshop on PC-DART Software - Intrusive Monitoring of Animal Movements

Our dairy goat herd is on standard milk test. We use a computer software program called PC-DART on the farm. This program is an on-line system tied to the Heart of America DHIA lab in Manhattan that processes our monthly milk samples. It is a total dairy management program but primarily gives us almost instant access to our monthly milk test results. Recently we attended a workshop in Lawrence to get updates on this software program and learn more about how to use it to it's fullest potential. During this workshop there was a pretty good discussion on NAIS. The presenter was from the Dairy Records Processing Center [DRPC] in Ames, Iowa, which is also tied to the PC-DART program. The presenter used a power point to demonstrate how cattle dairies could benefit from the NAIS. It showed a dairy farmer going along in front of the milk stanchions in his milk barn waving a wand over the ears of his cows as they were being milked. This wand/transponder/readers [much like the one you see the UPS driver use when he delivers packages to you, only much bigger and longer] gathered information and sent the information wireless to a small pocket computer being carried by the farmer. Then after each animal's Radio Frequency Identification Tag [RFID] had been scanned, the small pocket computer was taken to the office and connected to the larger computer and downloaded into it. The information is then sent on-line to the Dairy Records Processing Center [DRPC] in Ames. Iowa. Ostensibly, this information is sued by the DRPC for things like removing a cow from their production list/records/system when she is sold or dies, etc. so the DRPC won't be carrying her in the system as a dry cow. In other words, its a kind of on-going way to keep records instantly and accurately updated.

Now that all sounds pretty good until they put the forms on the screen and show you that they have added a box for NAIS notification. It is not yet a requirement in Kansas but in Pennsylvania you cannot sell an animal with out "premise identification" number. You also have to notify the state veterinarians office of the animal movement, regardless of the reason for the movement.

NAIS: RFID "Mark of the Beast" being Forced on Amish Community

RFID Chips being Forced on Amish Community
Indiana Amish resisting government chipping program

Concerned Amish Farmers Bring this to My Attention.

The Indiana Amish community has been informed by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health that they are required to participate in a 3 phase process which will, at the second phase, put RFID chips in each of their animals.

The 3 phases are:

  1. Premise identification.
  2. Animal identification (when chips will be implanted in the animals)
  3. Animal tracking.

In documents dated June 30, 2006, Jennifer Greiner, DVM, informs the small farmers that effective September 1, 2006, enrollment in the program will be MANDATORY, and all farm animals, defined as cattle, bison, swine, sheep, goats, and captive deer or elk, must be entered into the electronic database.

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Topic: NAIS - National Animal Identification System - International Control of Meat Production

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) [Videos] is an international tracking system that favors the big corporate farmers, and it is already in place in several unfortunate countries and even in some states in the U.S.

NAIS forces RF-ID tagging of all livestock and even the tracking of their feed. Congress has passed a "law" that forces all states to make it mandatory by 2009.

This Orwellian NAIS attempts to force farmers and ranchers to register their premises (which is the pivotal first step locking each rancher into a binding contract; don't do this!), to invest in costly equipment, including RF-ID tags for every animal (costing from $5 to $10 each, not normally reimbursed by the packers), and even to tell the authorities whenever animals are moved off their property, whenever they are born, sold, or have died within days. Non-compliance is punished with a $1000 per day fine.

NAIS will be the final destruction of the small family farms and ranches, since it will add crushing expenses, regulations, and fines to their already high costs of staying in business. As more and more local farms and ranches shut down, to the delight of the multi-national "Big-Beef"/"Big-Bird" companies (like Cargill, ADM, and Tyson), our food quality will diminish from the reduced competition.

Do you Eat?! Then you should be against NAIS! There are groups in different states that have formed to fight NAIS in their respective states.

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