Topic: NAIS - National Animal Identification System - International Control of Meat Production

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) [Videos] is an international tracking system that favors the big corporate farmers, and it is already in place in several unfortunate countries and even in some states in the U.S.

NAIS forces RF-ID tagging of all livestock and even the tracking of their feed. Congress has passed a "law" that forces all states to make it mandatory by 2009.

This Orwellian NAIS attempts to force farmers and ranchers to register their premises (which is the pivotal first step locking each rancher into a binding contract; don't do this!), to invest in costly equipment, including RF-ID tags for every animal (costing from $5 to $10 each, not normally reimbursed by the packers), and even to tell the authorities whenever animals are moved off their property, whenever they are born, sold, or have died within days. Non-compliance is punished with a $1000 per day fine.

NAIS will be the final destruction of the small family farms and ranches, since it will add crushing expenses, regulations, and fines to their already high costs of staying in business. As more and more local farms and ranches shut down, to the delight of the multi-national "Big-Beef"/"Big-Bird" companies (like Cargill, ADM, and Tyson), our food quality will diminish from the reduced competition.

Do you Eat?! Then you should be against NAIS! There are groups in different states that have formed to fight NAIS in their respective states.

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Topic: North American Union - Traitors for Free Trade

The North American Union (NAU) [Videos] is the latest effort of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) [Videos] to dissolve further the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

Their goals have been made clear in their maneuvers to get NAFTA and, a decade later, CAFTA approved in Congress and in the accelerated erosion of the American economy ever since.

Now, the North American Union, started by Bush of America (sic!), Martin of Canada, and Fox of Mexico as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) [Videos], and continuing unabated without Congressional approval, oversight, or even awareness, plans to end the United States of America as we know it.

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Topic: America: From Freedom to Fascism

Aaron Russo's Recent Film, America: Freedom to Fascism, documents a quest for answers on the IRS and the Federal Reserve, and it uncovers the people and organizations that are seeking to enslave us and the entire world, with the help of the Major Media. To do this, they are undermining our God-given, constitutionally protected rights, using as their agents the very government officials at all levels and in all branches, even though these have all sworn oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution.

It is available for sale at, and it can be viewed for free on Google Video.

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Candidate Question - Joseph Martin - Are you Pro-Life?

Yes, I am Pro-life. All of our candidates are pro-life, some without exceptions, some with reservations like "life of the mother" and rape.

I am completely pro-life. Abortion should not be a legal medical procedure. If invasive surgery is required to save the mother, then that procedure should be to save her life and not to kill the child.

I am also completely against the use of embryonic stem-cell research. It is unethical, inhumane, and a contemptuous assault on human dignity. In addition, the research so far has been largely a complete failure: God and His Nature are trying to show mankind that this is unacceptable and useless.

I support reasonable research on adult stem-cells, which has been showing promise.

I am also against the forced harvesting and sale of organs from political dissidents against their will. This is a booming business in China, while our country's leaders do nothing about it, and our media are almost completely mute on this crime against humanity being done by our "Most Favored" trading partner.

Flyer - Joy Holt - Restore our Constitutional Republic - Reduce Federal Spending

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In 1963 the USA was #1 in education, health, industry, standard of living, the biggest creditor nation in the World, with a trade surplus of several billion dollars. Now we are #20-40 in education, #37 in health, #6 in industry, destruction of the Middle Class, the biggest debtor nation in the world, and billions in trade deficits.

Today the USA's National debt of $8.5 trillion with other obligations of over $50 trillion. We have an annual budget of $3.5 trillion, and then borrow hundreds of billions of dollars as annual budget deficit added to the National Debt. The USA has a Trade Deficit of $800 billion a year thanks to NAFTA, WTO, and all so-called “Free Trade” Agreements passed by the US Congress and President to export millions of good jobs that benefit only large campaign contributing Multi-national Corporations in search of “cheap labor” at any cost, destroying our tax-base.

When you find yourself in a deep hole the first thing you have to do is: “STOP DIGGING!”

Economists calculate we lose 20,000 jobs for every billion dollars in trade deficit: 20,000 X 800 = 16,000,000 jobs. Service jobs cutting each others' lawns and flipping burgers while Congress votes to increase salaries by thousands of dollars adds insult to injury.
A successful nation must have a sound dollar and economy, rule of law, and protection of personal and property rights. Success is based on a 3-legged stool - Agriculture, Mining, and Manufacturing. This assures the “value-added” jobs that made the U.S. the greatest economy the World has ever seen.

Moral - If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

Good salaries circulate through the economy of a town several times: stores, banks, etc.

Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - For Pro-Life and Limited Federal Government

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I am a strong advocate for states rights and limited federal government. I support legislation that will prevent federal judges from interferring with state laws dealing in areas that are not powers specifically given to the federal government by our United States Constitution and should be left up to the states as stated by the Constitution's Tenth Amendment.

As such, I support (H.R. 5739) the We the People Act. This legislation has been recently introduced in Congress by Representative Ron Paul with at least 5 cosponsors. The stated purpose of this legislation is to "limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, in certain cases."

Congressmen Ron Paul says, "Congress has the authority under Articles I, III and IV of the Constitution of the Untied States to set limits on the Supreme Court and lower federal courts in order to correct abuses of judicial power and continuing violations of the Constitution by federal courts."

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - We Voters Must Demand a Verifiable Voting System

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Coordinated vote fraud is a great danger to our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. As a responsible electorate, fully aware of human nature and weakness (and avarice), we know that election officials might be tempted to skew the counting of our votes: well placed bribes and threats can be very hard to resist.

We must demand an election process that makes large-scale vote fraud by officials difficult to commit and easy to detect by voters, thus safeguarding the democratic process of electing our public representatives as well as protecting the election officials from coercion.

Radio Ad - Joseph Martin - Don't Waste Your Vote on Career Politicians - Vote Reform!

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Many voters are not happy with the erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights. The political power in Kansas and in Washington, D.C., has been shared almost exclusively by Republicans and Democrats, many of whom receive substantial contributions from the lobbyists of major corporations while ignoring the urgent needs of their constituents.

Don't waste your vote on career politicians that benefit personally from serving international corporations. Vote Reform! Vote for Joseph Martin for Secretary of State and for our other Reform Party of Kansas candidates on the ballot.

Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - Why Reward Politicians that are Destroying America?

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Why are we losing thousands of good paying factory jobs to the competition of foreign factories that employ workers who traditionally have never experienced the right to bargain for a higher standard of living as our Constitution has given American labor the right? It is all tied in with those free trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA, and we keep letting them do it. We keep voting for the same Republicans and Democrats who have set up those free trade agreements to make American economic standards compete against exploited workers who have never known the liberty afforded by our Constitution. When will it end?

We must stop rewarding those same politicians with a return to office. We must stop rewarding both Republicans and Democrats and anyone else who can’t seem to understand what America is all about as Abraham Lincoln did, and as John F. Kennedy did and thousands of other patriots who have been willing to sacrifice so that we might have that gift of liberty in America that is the unalienable right of all mankind, but so rare in the world.

Radio Ad - Roger Tucker - Stop NAFTA and CAFTA

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Why did 54 senators and 217 congressmen consider the profits of a few to be worth more than the sovereignty of their country? And judging from the results of a similary trade agreement, called NAFTA, passed ten years earlier, worth more than the rights of millions of people south of our border and in countries as far away as China, whose only hope is to either work as slave labor in free-trade production facilities that deny their right to bargain for a higher standard of living as the law of our Constitution gives us, or to travel North across the border as illegal immigrants for the hope of a brighter future.

Why should we be losing family farms and good-paying factory jobs to competition from those who exploit foreign populations denied rights that Americans have fought for?

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